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Biofeedback and Athletic Performance

Biofeedback and Athletic Performance The purpose of this article is to introduce modern advanced biofeedback, one of the fastest growing areas within the field of bioelectromagnetics.  This article also provides supportive evidence for its use in reducing stress and pain


Chinese Olympic Project 2008

For the four months leading to the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, a project was established at the Sports Hospital of the Chinese National Research Institute of Sports Medicine in Beijing.  Under medical supervision, approximately 1000 biofeedback sessions were performed on


Skier Tears Knee Ligaments And Regains Full Mobility Without Surgery

In December 2005, a Canadian female sustains a ski injury resulting in a cruciate ligament tear, collateral ligament tear and meniscus tear, diagnosed in Victoria, BC. She is prescribed pain medications and a six week cast.  She underwent daily EPR